December 25, 2012

Indian Women Need a Better Criminal Justice System

Times of India, Times of India

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Shoddy policing coupled with delays in conviction can't but embolden criminals. So, apart from more law courts, let's have more police and judges on the job. As urgent is institutional reform to ensure their independence from political interference. Else, well-connected offenders will be hard to book. States must also implement expert recommendations for treating crime investigation as a distinct area of policing from law and order maintenance. Besides better training, equipping and sensitisation of law enforcers, police precincts and courts need modernising. Networked police stations accessing shared databases will accelerate crime-solving. Similarly, better judicial infrastructure, including computerisation, will hasten case disposal. Only a swift-acting, efficient and impartial...

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December 24, 2012
Indian Outrage Degenerates into Anarchy
B Raman, Rediff
It is important for our youth to realize that whatever be their anger and outrage, they cannot take the law into their own hands. The police have a duty to perform in maintaining law and order and should be allowed to do so. more ››
December 24, 2012
India's Dangerous and Divisive Technocrat
Vikas Bajaj, New York Times
Last week, Narendra Modi, a deeply polarizing Indian politician, led his party to a third consecutive election victory in the western state of Gujarat, which he has led for more than a decade. Though regional contests in the... more ››
December 23, 2012
What's Wrong with Indian Men?
Kalpana Sharma, The Hindu
This is a question more people need to talk about and not be satisfied with clichés or the usual solutions. more ››
December 24, 2012
In India, the Rage After the Rape
The Hindu
Caught as they were between the stony silence of an impassive government and the cynically simplistic demands of Opposition politicians for instant justice, it is hardly surprising that the leaderless crowds which spontaneously... more ››
December 25, 2012
America's Asia Balancing Act
C. Raja Mohan, Indian Express
As territorial disputes between China and its neighbours acquire a sharper edge, how America talks about them becomes an important part of the unfolding geopolitical dynamic in Asia. more ››