December 26, 2012

Hagel, Obama and the Israeli Elections

Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

AP Photo

Israel needs a strong, coherent government to meet the challenges it will face in the next four years, including working with a hostile Obama administration.

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December 21, 2012
Is Obama a Foreign Policy President?
Daniel Drezner, Foreign Policy
Letting peple like Susan Rice or Chuck Hagel twist in the political wind is, well, cruel. So I hope that in its second term, the White House cares enough about foreign policy to actually engage Congress rather than throw up... more ››
December 14, 2012
Why Israel Backers Can't Stand Chuck Hagel
Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Republicans aside, Hagel’s real opposition will likely come from the pro-Israel lobby in Washington. While the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) never takes formal positions on nominees, if the group is asked... more ››
December 24, 2012
Chuck Hagel's Critics Are Living in Denial
Alon Pinkas, Al Monitor
Even by the ugly and depressing standards of Washington's [un]civility and character assassination as a beltway hobby, the recent attacks on former Senator Chuck Hagel seem venomous and iniquitous. more ››
December 19, 2012
President Obama vs. the Arab Spring
John Hulsman, Aspenia Online
Given the surprising -- but undoubtedly politically beneficial -- withdrawal of Ambassador Susan Rice from consideration for the position as Secretary of State, a new, more moderate, Obama foreign policy team seems to be taking... more ››
December 19, 2012
Israel's Beef with Chuck Hagel
Shmuel Rosner, Latitude
These are the Israelis who never bought the Obama-is-a-friend-of-Israel line, and they see in a possible Hagel appointment proof that they were right all along. This, they think, would be Obama’s revenge for the supposed... more ››