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Obama Fiddles While Globalization Burns - Robert Merry, TNI
Can John Kerry Restore American Diplomacy? - David Rothkopf, FP
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

CIA's Shadow Army Revealed - Greg Miller & Julie Tate, Washington Post
Why Russia Feels So Isolated and Hostile - Richard Pipes, Moscow Times
How Iran Arms Its Allies - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
The U.S. Is Not Abandoning the Mideast - Leon Panetta, Project Syndicate
The Settlement That Killed Peace - Larry Derfner, Foreign Policy
China Survives a Big Year - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg
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Free-spending 'Abenomics' Kicks Off in Japan - Jun Hongo, Japan Times
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Russia's New, Unsteady Normal - Brian Whitmore, Radio Free Europe
Lebanon's Year of Living Dangerously - Michael Young, The Daily Star
Danger to Women Lurks Within Us - Praveen Swami, The Hindu

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Egypt's Flawed Constitution - New York Times
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Japan's Retrograde Cabinet - Korea Times
Putin Uses Children as Pawns - Boston Globe

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