December 27, 2012

Obama Fiddles While Globalization Burns

Robert Merry, The National Interest

AP Photo

The Wall Street Journal's lead story the other day carried this headline: "Global Currency Tensions Rise: Japan’s Abe Calls on Central Bank to Resist Easing Moves by U.S. and Europe." The story that followed should send a shiver of fear down the spine of anyone who cares about the global economy—and America’s.

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December 17, 2012
Obama's Year of Reckoning on Iran
Edward Luce, Financial Times
Creating a situation in which U.S.-Iran dialogue becomes possible -- bilaterally, or in larger forums -- poses one kind of test for Mr Obama. Putting in place a U.S. security guarantee for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and others... more ››
December 18, 2012
Obama AWOL from the Middle East
James Jay Carafano, National Interest
The Army term is AWOL: Absent Without Leave. Take off without permission from your commander and you’re AWOL. Today, mounting evidence suggests the president might be AWOL on Middle East policy—ignoring, without the... more ››
December 15, 2012
Obama Walks Fine Line in Egypt
David Kirkpatrick, New York Times
Tanks and barbed wire had surrounded Egypt’s presidential palace and crowds of protesters were swarming around last week when President Obama placed a call to President Mohamed Morsi. Mr. Morsi and his allies in the Muslim... more ››
December 14, 2012
How Washington Rejected Susan Rice
Seth Mandel, Contentions
Rice didn’t just lose to McCain or Hillary Clinton; she lost to Washington. It’s worth recalling, then, just how the elements of the capital worked against her. more ››
December 14, 2012
Please, Don't Intervene in Syria
Christopher Preble, The New Republic
When it comes to the grueling civil war in Syria, it's been a while since the relevant question was whether the regime of Bashar Assad would fall. It's only a matter of time until it does. The more pressing policy choice has... more ››