December 29, 2012

Asia: From Economic to Cultural Clout

Ghaffar Hussain, The Commentator

AP Photo

Unless you've been on a different planet for the past 3 months, or don't have children, you would know what I am referring to when I say 'Gangnam Style'. PSY, and his catchy tune, is an international phenomenon that, through the power of You Tube, has reached virtually every computer screen and living room in the world. It is the first video ever to have been viewed over, a staggering, one billion times. The idea of a South Korean pop artist having the entire world singing along and dancing to a song in Korean seemed unthinkable until the latter part of 2012. In fact, the idea of people on the other side of the world singing and dancing to songs they don't understand has always been a privilege reserved for English language-speaking music artists.

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