December 29, 2012

Full Story of British Empire Yet to Be Told

Martin Kettle, The Guardian

AP Photo

In his modern classic, Vermeer's Hat, Timothy Brook says simply that 17th-century Netherlands raised the curtain on the global world – which is our world. The Dutch bought and sold wherever they could find anything to trade. They wrote the fundamentals of international law to suit their needs. They mapped the globe and the heavens. Their way of life became multicultural. When Vermeer painted a geographer in 1669, he dressed him in a Japanese kimono and gave him a globe depicting the Indian Ocean.

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December 24, 2012
Scotland: The Bullying Braveheart State
Brian Monteith, The Scotsman
If we are to aspire to a more open, tolerant and harmonious society then the quicker the independence issue is settled – whatever the outcome – the more able we will be to hold our politicians in all parties to account for... more ››
December 21, 2012
How the World Viewed Britain in 2012
Ipsos MORI
Research by Ipsos MORI for the British Council shows that the UK’s big events of the past year – including the Olympics, Paralympics and Jubilee – have improved the UK’s reputation overseas and created substantial new... more ››
December 20, 2012
Cameron's Backbenchers Are Selfish Amateurs
Peter Oborne, Telegraph
Last Christmas, the outlook was rosy for David Cameron. He ranked highly at the polls. It was widely assumed that he would be re-elected. Almost everyone agreed that Labour’s Ed Miliband was useless. This year, everything... more ››
December 25, 2012
Independence Feels Viable to Euro Secessionists
Henry Chu, LA Times
The European Union has created the very conditions that make breaking away seem possible for disaffected regions like Venice, Scotland or Catalonia. more ››
December 26, 2012
Will Cameron Join the List of EU Scalps?
Andrew Alexander, Daily Mail
We should remind ourselves that Europe has brought down two or maybe even three prime ministers. Margaret Thatcher was ousted by an attack from the fanatically pro-Europe Michael Heseltine. During the leadership contest which... more ››