January 3, 2013

British Shocked by What They See in Mirror

Barry Neild, Global Post

AP Photo

At the Bestco International supermarket on central Edgware Road, British customers can stock up on staples of Twinings tea and HP sauce. Muslims can buy freshly butchered halal chicken, while homesick Poles can buy distinctly non-halal pork kielbasa imported from Silesia.

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January 16, 2013
U.S. Should Butt Out of Britain's Business
Doug Bandow, National Interest
The United States has become a caricature of itself. Like when the assistant secretary of state for Europe, Philip Gordon, traveled to London to lecture the British government on why it should remain in the European... more ››
January 16, 2013
France Alone Cannot Defend Europe's Interests
Zaki Laidi, Project Syn.
Europe is reluctant to develop a substantial military force, because the European project was created in opposition to the idea of power. Yet this stance has become untenable. Europe faces real threats, which France alone cannot... more ››
January 15, 2013
Britain's Accidental EU Exit
James Forsyth, The Spectator
If Britain leaves the European Union, historians will say that 30 June 2012 was when the great exit began. That day, David Cameron was due to write an article for the Sunday Telegraph and his advisers were frantic. It was a... more ››
January 15, 2013
Forget Germany, Mention the War
Robert Hardman, Daily Mail
Oh dear. I think we can already see how this one is going to play out: mud, futility of war, lions led by donkeys, a bit of poetry, a nod to the nurses and the munitions girls and a solemn conclusion that it must ‘never be... more ››
January 15, 2013
Europhiles Must Push for a Referendum
Will Straw, Daily Telegraph
The US and Germany are right to warn against Britain leaving the EU. But they are wrong to oppose a referendum. It may create some short-term uncertainty, but in the longer term it will settle a question that has hampered Britain... more ››