January 4, 2013

What Does Shimon Peres Know About Peace?

Gilad Sharon, Jerusalem Post

AP Photo

President Peres can make endless speeches about nanotechnology, embrace Mark Zuckerberg, and appear to be innovative and expansive in his views, but his proposal to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians is tantamount to suggesting that we return to using the Zeppelin airships again.

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January 18, 2013
Media Eats Out of Palestinians' Hands
Simon Plosker, The Commentator
In sacrificing their sons by sending them out to confront the IDF without guns and bombs, the Palestinian leadership has the international media in the palm of its hand. more ››
January 17, 2013
Nine Myths About Israel
Moshe Dann, Jerusalem Post
The international community opposes Israel because it is an ethnic nation-state. A cover for Jew-hatred, this argument is applied only against Israel and the Jewish people. 2. Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank” of... more ››
January 11, 2013
West Bank Is in Financial Crisis
New York Times
There are many threats to a two-state solution, including an Israeli government that could become even more hard-line after the Jan. 22 election. But, as the World Bank has said, Mr. Fayyad has made progress in building a... more ››
January 18, 2013
The Death of Fatah and the Future of Palestine
Dalia Hatuqa, Atlantic
After nearly a half-century of existence, Fatah has left many loyalists and critics alike pondering its accomplishments. On New Year's Eve, the Palestinian political party -- which has led the Palestine Liberation ... more ››