January 7, 2013

Xi Jinping: China's 1st Social Media President?

David Cohen, China Power

AP Photo

Here's something you don't see every day: the official voice of a one-party state embracing the power of social media to effect change.  It's more surprising still when it comes less than a week after the passage of a law to strengthen control over the Chinese internet, which expanded the reach of rules that require users to provide their real names and that require service providers to engage in first-line censorship, and the evident expulsion of New York Times journalist Chris Buckley.  Nonetheless, Xinhua (the official newswire) and the People's Daily have both weighed in with good things to say about the online anti-corruption drive: an editorial in Xinhua (Chinese link) spoke at length about the role of the public and the media in monitoring corruption, calling social media...

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