RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Hillary's Vanity of Long Hours & Ego Trips - Michael Kinsley, Bloomberg
Japan and China Step Up Drone Race - Kaiman & McCurry, The Guardian
Egypt & Morsi Face an Economic Meltdown - Felix Imonti, Al Monitor
Sorry Mr. Karzai, No Troops for You - David Barno, Foreign Policy
Leaving Afghanistan: A Lesson from USSR - Daveed Gartenstein, Atlantic
Russia Responds to U.S. by Punishing Orphans - Ariel Cohen, TNI
Girls Stolen from the Streets of India - Natalia Antelava, BBC News
The Dangerous Hypocrisy of the Saudis - Nina Shea, National Review
Cyprus Bailout Could Fail in German Parliament - Der Spiegel
UK Needs a Dose of Margaret Thatcher - Philip Johnston, Daily Telegraph

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Japan Explores War Scenarios with China - J. Michael Cole, The Diplomat
Greece, Spain Turning into Failed States - Robin Shepherd, Commentator
Spain Needs Tough Decisions on Debt - Juan Rubio-Ramirez, Financial Times
Karzai Stealing Afghanistan's Future - Abdullah Abdullah, Foreign Policy
In Syria, War Is the New Normal - Rajan Menon, Los Angeles Times
China Buys U.S. Tech to Boost Military - Gertz & Ciaramella, Free Beacon
The UK and the EU: Irreconcilable Differences? - Clive Crook, Bloomberg
Russia Struggles for Relevance in Mideast - Ariel Solomon, Jerusalem Post
World Politics After the Next Energy Boom - Aviezer Tucker, Foreign Affairs
UN Seeks Drones for Peacekeeping Missions - Colum Lynch, Wash Post
How to Fix the GOP's Foreign Policy Problem - Daniel Larison, AmCon Mag
The International Elite Bubble - Michael J. Totten, World Affairs Journal
Hagel Critics' Disingenuous Anti-Gay Charge - Berin Szoka, RealClearWorld
3 Years After Quake, Haiti Losing Hope - Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
Solzhenitsyn, Yao Chen and Chinese Reform - Evan Osnos, New Yorker

RealClearWorld Editorials

France Can No Longer Afford Not to Reform - Sydney Morning Herald
Caution Needed in India-Pakistan Kashmir Dispute - Dawn
Finding True Justice for India's Rape Victims - New York Times
Can Belfast Stymie Sectarianism in Northern Ireland? - The Guardian

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

Euro Crisis: Desperately Seeking Silver Linings - Free Exchange
Emerging Markets Are #1 Risk for 2013 - Ian Bremmer, The Call
What's in the Heart of Xi Jinping? - Elizabeth Economy, Asia Unbound
What Did Google Earth Spot in Chinese Desert? - Noah Shachtman, DR