RealClearWorld Evening Edition

The Price of America's Global Retreat - Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
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Will French Intervention Stop Mali's Islamists? - Alex Perry, Time
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The Year We Reckon with Iran - Fareed Zakaria, Time
Japan on a Path to Authoritarianism - Ackerman & Matsudaira, LA Times
Kashmir: The Source of the West's Problems - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Does Obama Have a Mideast Plan? - Marc Lynch, Foreign Policy
American Decline Is Now U.S. Foreign Policy - Charles Krauthammer, WaPo
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4 Months After Benghazi, Where Are the Killers? - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
Jordan's Syria Problem - Nicolas Pelham, New York Review of Books
Assad's Well-Placed Washington Advocates - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
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Women Left Behind on India's March to Modernity - Kishwar Desai, Spiegel
To Stop Iran, Get a New Saudi King - Simon Henderson, The Atlantic
Canada Doesn't Have the Best Health Care - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Island Nations Play China, India - Harsh Pant, Yale Global
China's 1-Child Policy Creates 'Little Emperors' - Stephanie Pappas, LiveSci

RealClearWorld Editorials

West Bank Is in Financial Crisis - New York Times
Mr. Cameron's Tough EU Balancing Act - London Evening Standard
Aid Cutoff a Wake-Up Call for Haiti - Miami Herald
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