January 11, 2013

The Price of America's Global Retreat

Fred Hiatt, Washington Post

AP Photo

By nominating a defense secretary committed to shrinking the defense budget and openly entertaining a “zero option” for U.S. troops in Afghanistan, President Obama is sending a message: His promise to refocus on “nation-building at home” was no campaign slogan. He hopes for a second term with diminished foreign entanglement.

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January 17, 2013
Why Obama Is Ditching Europe
Freddy Gray, The Spectator
On Monday, as Barack Obama is sworn in again as President, his allies in the West will ask themselves the same nervous question they posed four years ago: how much does he care about us? The British, in particular, are worried.... more ››
January 18, 2013
The Message Hagel Carries on Iran
Robert Satloff, Washington Post
To the world, Obama has spoken loudly with his choice of a nominee who has never embraced the idea that Iran should be stopped at all costs from acquiring a nuclear weapon; it will take action, not just words, to repair this... more ››
January 18, 2013
Obama's Arrogance on Britain and EU
Nile Gardiner, Telegraph Blogs
The Obama administration has intervened again on the highly sensitive issue of Britain’s membership of the European Union. The White House posted this statement today, making clear the US president’s emphatic support for... more ››