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Mali an African War France Couldn't Avoid - John & Irish, Reuters
UK Can No Longer Afford the Welfare State - Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail
Sunni vs. Shia vs. the West - Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
Iran and the Fallacy of Saber-Rattling - Paul Pillar, The National Interest
Trail of Bullets Links Iran to African Wars - C.J. Chivers, New York Times
Cuba's Role in Venezuela May Grow - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
U.S. Can't Stay Quiet over Chavez Absence - Eric Farnsworth, CNN
America's Go-To Warlord in Afghanistan - David Zucchino, LA Times
Where Is Russia's First Lady? - Anna Nemtzova, The Daily Beast
Failures of Governance Led to India Crisis - Ramesh Thakur, Japan Times
N. Ireland Flag Protests Signal Wider Problems - Robin Millard, AFP
The Geopolitics of Adoption - Frank Jacobs, Foreign Policy

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