January 15, 2013

Mali & the Lessons of Western Intervention

Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian

AP Photo

The west African nation becomes the eighth country in the last four years alone where Muslims are killed by the west.

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January 8, 2013
Africa's Triangle of Threat
Abukar Arman, The Commentator
Just as the temperature of ‘security threat’ slowly declines in Somalia, it rises in other parts of East Africa. more ››
January 17, 2013
Turning Syria into Somalia
Hassan Mneimneh, German Marshall Fund
  Bashar al-Assad has lost all hope of victory against an uprising that has metastasized - through the atrocities committed by his regime - into a corrosive civil war. By his own confession, Assad is trapped in a no-win... more ››
January 10, 2013
Somali Pirate Retires from Hijacking
Spencer Ackerman, Danger Room
Have we reached — and passed — Peak Pirate? The dread Somali pirate Mohamed Abdi Hassan — also known as “Afweyne,” or “Big Mouth” — is retiring from the hijacking life. Big Mouth... more ››
January 14, 2013
Vive la France!
Max Boot, Commentary Magazine
Vive la France. What else can one say to the news that the French are using their military might to push back al-Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels who have taken control of northern Mali–a vast region bigger than France itself?... more ››
January 15, 2013
Is Mali Another Loss for Counterinsurgency?
Max Fisher, Washington Post
In earlier years, the U.S. military had attempted a sort of pre-counterinsurgency in the vast Sahara region that includes northern Mali. American officers and special forces trained local counterparts who were to, as the U.S. had... more ››