January 17, 2013

The Problem Is Bigger than Mali

Roger Kaplan, Weekly Standard

AP Photo

Of all the security threats Americans did not expect in 2013, a military breakthrough by Islamists into the heart of West Africa is the most urgent. At this writing, Malians are fleeing the Niger River hub of Mopti, and elements of a French airborne brigade are deployed nearby to reinforce Malian infantrymen, as Islamist fighters advance. Last month, the U.N. Security Council authorized the use of force to rescue northern Mali, which fell under the control of several al Qaeda affiliates in March 2012.

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January 18, 2013
Pushing Africa Aside in Mali
Arun Mohan Sukumar, The Hindu
If only the French had backed an African-led resolution to the conflict, their soldiers wouldn't be waging war on the ground today. more ››
January 18, 2013
Mali Need Not Be France's Afghanistan
David Rohde, New York Times
From a military standpoint, the French had to act, according to experts on the region. More than 8,000 French citizens live in Mali, many of them in Bamako. And last week militant groups were on the verge of seizing a militarily... more ››
January 18, 2013
France Has Inflamed Saharan Africa
Michael Shurkin, USA Today
The kidnapping of American and other Western hostages at a natural gas plant in Algeria by Islamic militants possibly in retaliation for France's military intervention in neighboring Mali, illuminates an unfortunate reality:... more ››
January 18, 2013
Europe Must Prepare for Life Without America
Con Coughlin, Telegraph
The armed forces of France and Britain are woefully ill-prepared for the new age of self-sufficiency. more ››
January 19, 2013
The Mali Blowback
Patrick Buchanan, American Conservative
“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” is Newton’s third law of physics. Its counterpart in geopolitics is “blowback,” when military action in one sphere produces an unintended... more ››