January 22, 2013

Why the Israeli Left Is Lost

Ruth Margalit, Slate

AP Photo

The first election I clearly remember as a child growing up in Jerusalem was that of 1992. Israel had only two television channels back then—one of which aired infomercials on a loop—so being allowed to stay up late to watch the returns that night was mesmerizing: It ingrained politics in my mind as the best show in town. The climax of a drawn-out ideological feud between two Yitzhaks (Shamir and Rabin), that election was so nerve-racking that I recall my mother sitting perfectly still by our kitchen table; she wanted to hear the results but couldn’t bring herself to watch. In the end, Rabin won by a hair's breadth, and managed to push through an unprecedented peace agreement. Dovish Israelis still look back to that year as the heyday...

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January 19, 2013
Hard Right Is Israel's New Normal
Paddy Smyth, Irish Times
There seems little doubt that prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu will win Tuesday’s Israeli general election comfortably, a prospect that bodes ill for the resumption of any peace process. Polls suggest his party,... more ››
January 20, 2013
Netanyahu Jeopardizing U.S. Relationship
Alon Pinkas, Ynet News
Netanyahu is endangering the quality of the alliance with the US by intervening in American politics, and mainly by losing the White House's trust. Israel, despite what it believes, is not a "strategic asset" of the US, just as... more ››
January 18, 2013
Media Eats Out of Palestinians' Hands
Simon Plosker, The Commentator
In sacrificing their sons by sending them out to confront the IDF without guns and bombs, the Palestinian leadership has the international media in the palm of its hand. more ››
Benjamin Netanyahu's outgoing government caused serious damage to Israel over its four-year term. Its foreign policy focused on expanding the settlements, avoiding negotiations with the Palestinians and reviving the idea of... more ››