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Why Netanyahu Failed and Lapid Surprised - Aluf Benn, Haaretz
Likud Backers Not Comforted by Bibi Win - Raphael Ahren, Times of Israel
Don't Expect an Obama-Netanyahu Blowup - Aaron David Miller, CNN
Time for Obama's Nixon Moment on Iran - Reza Marashi, Foreign Policy
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On Benghazi, Blame the Bureaucracy - Sarah Chayes, Los Angeles Times
Obama Has Given Up Fight Against al-Qaeda - Con Coughlin, Telegraph
Barack Obama Is No Isolationist - Alex Massie, The Spectator
The Italian Mafia Goes Green - Anthony Faiola, Washington Post
Polite Canada Won't Mock U.S. -- But It Could - Tim Mak, Ottawa Citizen
Venezuela Stuck in a David Foster Wallace Novel - Tyszka & Marcano, NYT

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The Mess in Mali - Japan Times
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