January 23, 2013

Cameron Tenders His Resignation

Dan Hodges, Telegraph Blogs

AP Photo

One other interesting thing that has come out of David Cameron’s speech today is that we can now definitively place a full stop on his premiership. It’s 2017. There are only two options facing the Prime Minister, if he wins the election in 2015. The first is that he successfully renegotiates the terms of Britain’s EU membership, and then leads a “Yes” vote in the referendum that follows. Regardless of the outcome of that referendum, Cameron’s leadership of the Tory party would at that point become untenable. Either he wins it, in which case a large section of his membership, his backbenchers and several members of his cabinet would regard him as the traitor who had scuppered their dreams of a Euro-exit and would move against him, making the Tory...

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January 23, 2013
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