January 24, 2013

Israel Takes Finger Off Iran War Trigger

Christian Science Monitor, Christian Science Monitor

AP Photo

The world can breathe a sigh of relief following Israel’s parliamentary elections on Tuesday. Voters there sent a clear message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take his finger off the trigger in his threat to attack Iran.

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Obama's inauguration address should include some specific references to action in Palestine, Iran and Syria. more ››
January 12, 2013
If Iran Gets the Bomb
Conrad Black, National Post
The nuclear club grew out of a form of bomb envy. And the rest of the world, which resisted the contagion, was served the pacifier of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) of 1968, in which all signatories pledged to... more ››
January 16, 2013
Obama, Make a Generous Offer to Iran
Patrick Clawson, The Atlantic
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January 22, 2013
Iran Wants a Nuclear Deal, Not War
Hossein Mousavian, The Guardian
Nuclear negotiations with Iran, in the right spirit, will work. U.S.-led trade embargos and military threats will bring only disaster. more ››
January 23, 2013
Time for Obama's Nixon Moment on Iran
Reza Marashi, Foreign Policy
Congratulations, Mr. President. Now it's time to make good on your promise to engage the Islamic Republic. more ››