RealClearWorld Evening Edition

How Close Are Japan and China to War? - Michael Auslin, National Review
Al-Qaeda's New Haven Bigger than Europe - Mben, Puhl & Thielke, Spiegel
Is China Itching for War? - Allison & Blackwill, Financial Times
Assigning Blame in Palestine - Jonathan Kay, National Post
Demographic Roots of Israel's Right Turn - Leon Hadar, National Interest
Why Is Obama Bragging About Egypt? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
The Cloud Over China - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
America's Three Lousy Options in Afghanistan - Ann Jones, TomDispatch
Can Turkey and Israel Be Friends Again? - Steven Cook, The Atlantic
Will Shale Gas Save Britain? - Theodore Dalrymple, Standpoint

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Europe: The World's New Superpower - Anne Applebaum, National Post
France's Military Nearly Unmatched in Europe - Paul Ames, Global Post
The West's Perverse Nostalgia for Gaddafi - Fouad Ajami, Newsweek
Asia Pivot Imperative as West Fades - Ramesh Thakur, The Australian
China Demands U.S. Taxpayers Clean Up Its Air - Gordon Chang, Forbes
Is America in Decline? Wrong Question - Robert Samuelson, Wash Post
Fracking Means a New Middle East - Arthur Herman, New York Post
Democracy Delayed in Jordan - Nicolas Pelham, New York Review of Books
The Arab World's Useful Idiots - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Elusive Quest for Pax Africana Continues - Adekeye Adebajo, Biz Day
Eritrea's Odd Dictatorship on the Verge? - William Lloyd George, Time
America's Poor Grasp of Putinology - Richard Lourie, Moscow Times
UK's Economy Broken and Nobody Knows Why - Matt O'Brien, Atlantic
Can China Build Its Own Boeing? - Jon Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun
Burma's Insurance Against a Free Press - Rob Cuthbert, Yale Journal

RealClearWorld Editorials

Morsi Plays Mubarak - The Daily Star
Egypt's Stability in the Interest of All Parties - The National
Brace for North Korea's Third Nuclear Test - JoongAng Daily
Stem the Flow of Guns to Mexico - Los Angeles Times

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

How Obama Views Foreign Policy - Daniel W. Drezner
Iran's Mystery Explosion - Con Coughlin, Telegraph Blogs
Rand Paul's Israel Mistake - Daniel Larison, Eunomia
France, the Ultimate 'Realist' State - Olivier Schmitt, Kings of War