Can John Kerry Get Tough on China?

Can John Kerry Get Tough on China?

John Kerry is one step closer to becoming secretary of State and managing the United States’ economic ‘frenemy’—China.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Kerry’s nomination on Tuesday, which puts his candidacy before the entire chamber. Getting approval wasn’t much of a heavy lift for Kerry, who has represented Massachusetts in the Senate since 1985 and just so happens to be chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

“More than ever, foreign policy is economic policy,” Kerry told the committee. The Democrat added that his goal—and presumably that of his future boss President Obama—was to strengthen the relationship with China, even if that means some occasional bits of friction.

"China is, you know, the other sort of significant economy in the world and obviously has a voracious appetite for resources around the world, and we need to establish rules of the road that work for everybody," Kerry said.


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