January 29, 2013

Egypt's Missed Chance in Nuke Diplomacy

Kaveh Afrasiabi, Asia Times

AP Photo

Egypt is about to miss a golden opportunity to enhance its stature in global diplomacy, which has presented itself in the form of Iran's suggestion of Cairo as the venue for the next round of multilateral nuclear negotiations. Despite unconfirmed reports that Cairo has turned a cold shoulder to this idea, it is still not too late for the embattled government of Mohammed Morsi to embrace it, thus gaining diplomatic and political capital. 


Although the European Union has reacted negatively to Tehran's suggestion, depicting it as a "delay tactic", Cairo can still be the host city for the next round between Iran and the "5+1" nations (the UN Security Council's permanent five members plus Germany) only if Morsi, who is grappling with political tensions at home, nods...

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