January 30, 2013

Does China Have a Pope Problem?

Francesco Sisci, Asia Times

AP Photo
The campaign for the election of the next pope has started in earnest, with all countries preparing for the transition - except China. The real possibility that the Vatican may seek to convert more Asian souls with the appointment of an Asian pontiff during Xi Jinping's tenure as president means that China can no longer afford to ignore the world's most influential religious leader. - Francesco Sisci (Jan 30, '13)
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January 18, 2013
China's Airpocalypse
Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review
Last Monday, a Beijing lawyer named Xu Xin tweeted a grey color block; the post went viral, shared more than 70,000 times. As Xu quipped, it approximated the view from Tiananmen Square, which was enshrouded in record-breaking... more ››
January 18, 2013
Consensus Grows Against One-Child Policy
Liz Carter, Tea Leaf Nation
China’s One Child policy, which restricts most couples in the country to having only one child, once again became a hot topic when Wang Xia, the government official in charge of the program, indicated it would not be... more ››
January 18, 2013
China's Hawks Take the Offensive
David Lague, Reuters
It was supposed to be a relaxed evening for a group of senior international military chiefs. Gathered at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, they had changed out of uniform for dinner and discussion.China’s Lieutenant-General Ren... more ››
January 18, 2013
Revisionism, Tokyo-style
Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman, Los Angeles Times
Japan's leaders still won't acknowledge their country's wartime atrocities. more ››
January 21, 2013
China's Plan to Sink U.S. Navy
Robert Johnson, Business Insider
As the U.S. makes clear it will defend Japan should China try and lay claim to the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, this Chinese announcement from mid-2012 offers additional perspective. Once the U.S. announced it's turning... more ››