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A Report Card for Hillary Clinton - Marvin Kalb, The National Interest
Will John Kerry Restrain U.S. Power? - Stephen Kinzer, Guardian
Is the U.S. Violating Its Own Iran Sanctions? - Brian Fung, The Atlantic
Why Some U.S. Expatriates Ditch Citizenship - Helena Bachmann, Time
Why Indian Jingoism Is Rising - Tridivesh Singh Maini, East Asia Forum
The League of Authoritarian Gentlemen - Alexander Cooley, Foreign Policy
Venezuela: The Land Where Everyone Is a Victim - Daniel Lansberg, NYT
Russia Is Tired of Western Lectures - Robert Shlegel, Moscow Times
Thatcher's Hometown Prefers to Forget Her - Carsten Volkery, Spiegel
Britain Badly Needs an Abraham Lincoln - Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Arab Spring's Hits and Misses - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
China's New Militancy - Gordon Chang, The Diplomat
Hollande: A French Harry Truman? - Dominique Moisi, Financial Times
War Won't Bail Out French Socialism - Patrick Marnham, The Spectator
Hagel, Israel and American Power - Jim Talent, National Review
Like the Balkans, Asia Primed for War - Kevin Rudd, Foreign Policy
The Kremlin's New Anti-Americanism - The Economist
Russia in Obama's Second Term - Andranik Migranyan, National Interest
Militaristic Japan? Try Normal - Hiro Aida, The American Interest
Asia Feels Like Pre-War Europe - Yoon Young-Kwan, The Scotsman
Argentina's Dangerous Economic Stupidity - Joseph Kadane, L.A. Times
Argentina-Iran Deal Mocks Justice - Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald
Cameron's Great Sense of Timing - Fabio Rafael Fiallo, RealClearWorld
Gandhi's Heir Is Blowing It - Sumit Ganguly, Foreign Affairs
Judging British Rule in Palestine - Avishai Margalit, NY Review of Books

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What's Behind Israel's Mystery Attack on Syria? - The Daily Star
Israel Ducks on Human Rights - New York Times
Abe Eyes a Change to Japan's Pacifist Constitution - Japan Times
Timbuktu Is None of Our Business - Daily Mail

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