January 31, 2013

The League of Authoritarian Gentlemen

Alexander Cooley, Foreign Policy

AP Photo


For years now, the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia have been talking about the importance of common efforts to promote human rights and democratic values around the world. If the liberal democracies pooled their efforts, there seemed good reason to believe that they could embed these values in international law and succeed in fostering the growth of freedom.


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January 26, 2013
What's the Russian, Chinese Play in Mali?
M K Bhadrakumar, Asia Times
There is a saying, "Once bitten, twice shy". Russia and China claim to have been bitten once: when the West turned the United Nation's Security Council resolution 1973 on its head and proceeded to invade Libya. Moscow and Beijing... more ››
January 27, 2013
Obama Buries the Reset
Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Russia is a less important global player today from an American point of view and so the failure of a Russia policy isn’t as crippling as it was a generation ago. Nevertheless, the reset has failed, and we have lost the modest... more ››
January 26, 2013
Russia's Future with Israel
Fyodor Lukyanov, Russia in Global Affairs
Russian attitudes toward Israeli politics are quite unique. On the one hand, the Soviet tradition, which remains strong, tends toward solidarity with the Arab world, particularly the Palestinian people. This school of thought is... more ››
January 28, 2013
America's Poor Grasp of Putinology
Richard Lourie, Moscow Times
Every self-respecting intelligence agency should have a full-time Putinologist. One reason is that PresidentVladimir Putinalone rules Russia. What he says goes. Of course, there are all sorts of competing influence groups —... more ››
January 21, 2013
Russia: From Superpower to Super Weakling
Alexei Bayer, Moscow Times
Today's Russia is a strange paradox. The country and its people are better off than at any time since at least the Bolshevik Revolution. But its great financial wealth coexists with remarkable weakness. True, it still has a large... more ››