RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Lebanon First Act of Iran-Israel War - Jonathan Schanzer, Globe & Mail
The 'Peaceful Intifada' to Delegitimize Israel - Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynet
Morality Fails to Save Slaughtered Syrians - Alan Philps, The National
Political Solution Needed in Syria - Jonathan Steele, The Guardian
Britain's New Foreign Policy - Fraser Nelson, The Spectator
Ike Got Israel Wrong - Will Obama? - Alexander Joffe, National Interest
Victory in Mali? Not Even Close - Gwynne Dyer, Winnipeg Free Press
Will China Put North Korea on the Naughty Step? - The Economist
Qatar's Risky Bet on the Brotherhood - Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review
Japan's Great Debate: Is Sumo a Real Sport? - Todd Crowell, RCSports

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

China: The People's Republic of Hacking - Adam Segal, Foreign Policy
The New Sinocentrism - Max Fisher, Washington Post
Europe Unable, U.S. Unwilling to Lead - Gregor Peter Schmitz, Spiegel
U.S. Is Leading, and Winning, from Behind - Greg Scoblete, RealClearWorld
Obama's Out of Step 'Tide of War' Fantasy - Terry Glavin, National Post
Japan's Demographic Disaster - John Traphagan, The Diplomat
Why the Attack on Syria Suits Netanyahu - Ben Caspit, Jerusalem Post
Time for U.S. to Accept Iranian Power - Flynt & Hillary Leverett, Reuters
Forget Asia - Time to Pivot to Europe - Robert Manning, National Interest
The Globalization of Local Politics - Rick Salutin, Toronto Star
China's (Fake) Gay Marriage Debate - Adam Minter, Bloomberg
Britain's Religious Right: Myth or Reality? - Nelson Jones, New Statesman
Meteoric Mongolia: Rise & Inevitable Fall? - Morris Rossabi, Foreign Aff.
Why the Poles Are Moving to Britain - Sarah Rainey, Daily Telegraph
Ai Weiwei: Wonderful Dissident, Terrible Artist - Jed Perl, New Republic

RealClearWorld Editorials

Kerry Had Better Be Ready for Arab Spring Fallout - Washington Times
Arab Spring Should Advance Women's Rights, Too - Globe and Mail
Israel Has the Right to Prevent Syria Spillover - Jerusalem Post
Nordic Countries: Supermodels for the World - The Economist

RealClearWorld Best of Blogs

The Dirty Bomb Fear Behind Mali War - Alexander Pannett, Egremont
How Europe's Failing Leaders Get Elected - Leigh Phillips, Austerityland
The Dirty Secret of China's Pollution - Kazer & Zhang, China Real Time
Why the Kibbutzniks Lost Their Clout - Ellis Shuman, Times of Israel