February 2, 2013

High-End Gifts Threaten China's Regime

John Ivison, National Post

AP Photo

Crony capitalism often means those with the best connections in the Party rule over those with the best ideas, hindering China’s ambitions to become an innovation culture. Close China watchers say the companies have been adept at copying Western technology but have had a hard time improving upon it. Much of China’s success was built on its reputation as the workshop of the world, accountable for one fifth of global manufacturing, thanks in large part to its cheap wages.

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January 29, 2013
North Korea Tests China and the World
Shim Jae Hoon, Yale Global
Repeating the past, North Korea's young ruler Kim Jong Un has threatened the US and South Korea with dire consequences for opposition to the nation's missile adventurism. In a break from the past, Kim issued thinly disguised... more ››
January 29, 2013
Can China Keep Growing This Rapidly?
Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum
There was much breathless speculation towards the end of last year about whether China’s growth was running out of puff. The cooler heads warned that there was still a lot of momentum left and that, independently of... more ››
January 29, 2013
Anti-Japan Propaganda Handcuffs Beijing
Frank Ching, Japan Times
The territorial dispute between China and Japan over a group of islands in the East China Sea continues to worsen, with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning Beijing not to try to change the status quo in which the... more ››
January 29, 2013
Philippines' Aquino Bravely Takes On China
William Pesek, Bloomberg
Say what you want about Benigno Aquino, but the Philippine president has some brass. First he arrested predecessor Gloria Arroyo on corruption charges and ousted her Supreme Court chief justice. Then he took on the powerful... more ››
Dense, toxic smog often blankets wide areas of Beijing and other Chinese cities. Air pollution in China is a serious problem. It is also as much Japan's problem as China's as airborne pollution reaches Japan. There is another... more ››