RealClearWorld Evening Edition

The Fall and Rise of the West - Roger Altman, Foreign Affairs
It's Time to Intervene in Syria - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Fight for Survival in Damascus - Susanne Koelbl, Der Spiegel
China Nears Massive Jobs Crisis - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph
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Declaring Victory: France Does It Right - Kelly McParland, National Post
Preventing Reprisal Violence After Assad - Kenneth Roth, The Guardian
CIA Has a History of Getting the Mideast Wrong - Tom Gjelten, NPR

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Should We Still Fear al-Qaeda? - Peter Bergen, CNN
Israel and Assad Raise Stakes on Syria - Roula Khalaf, Financial Times
After Assad, Chaos? - Ramzy Mardini, New York Times
The Pivot Didn't Cause China's Misbehavior - James Holmes, Nat'l Interest
Does Europe Need Britain? - Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate
North Africa Still Better Off Without Gaddafi - Colin Freeman, Telegraph
Taming Terrorism in North Africa - Rep. Mike Rogers, Politico
International Players Fiddle While Syria Burns - Ray Murphy, Irish Times
Will the Burmese Spring Collapse? - Christian Lewis, National Review
America's Expanding Drug War in Latin America - Martha Mendoza, AP
Canada Turning into Retro-America - Heather Mallick, Toronto Star
A Deliberate Campaign to Bash Israel - Barry Rubin, Jerusalem Post
Israel Must Learn to Live with Arab Neighbors - Emanuel Rosen, Ynet News
Now We Know: Bush Didn't Lie About WMD - Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg
China, Are You Ready for Some Football? - Gordon Chang, Forbes

RealClearWorld Editorials

Bring the Cyberwar Out of the Shadows - Washington Post
Hazy Beijing Decisions - The National
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