February 4, 2013

International Players Fiddle While Syria Burns

Ray Murphy, Irish Times

AP Photo

The concept of humanitarian corridors and safe zones to get the aid to those in need must be considered, preferably with the consent of the parties. A no-fly zone is another possible option, but direct military intervention to support the rebels will not reduce civilian casualties.

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February 2, 2013
The Hard Men of the Syrian Revolution
C. J. Chivers, New York Times
The uprising to unseat President Bashar al-Assad is now almost two years old. While Western governments have long worried that its self-declared leaders, many of whom operate from Turkey, cannot jell into a coherent movement with... more ››
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February 2, 2013
Why Israel Fears Syrian Fallout
Aaron Klein & Karl Vick, Time
Israeli warplanes struck several targets inside Syria overnight Tuesday, including a biological weapons research center that was reportedly flattened out of concern that it might fall into the hands of Islamist extremists... more ››
February 1, 2013
Morality Fails to Save Slaughtered Syrians
Alan Philps, The National
The discovery of the handcuffed bodies of more than 100 young men in a canal in Aleppo has ratcheted up calls for outside powers to act to stop the unrelenting violence in Syria. Although the circumstances of the mass murder are... more ››