February 6, 2013

Quebec, Meet Your Neighbor Ontario

Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail

AP Photo

Quebeckers, sensitive to their province's image beyond its boundaries, sometimes lament what they see as an "anti-Quebec bias" in reporting about their province. They’re correct -- to a point. But there are, and have been for a very long time, writers who’ve taken Quebec seriously and written about it fairly.

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February 2, 2013
Africa's Newest Colonial Power? Canada
Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
What do we call the thing Canada is doing in Africa? It involves our largest corporations, the federal government, public- and private-sector aid agencies, and sometimes the military. And their activities are increasingly... more ››
February 4, 2013
Canada Turning into Retro-America
Heather Mallick, Toronto Star
Canada is quietly becoming ever more American. I would object to this were it not that Americans are becoming increasingly Canadian, which is gracious of them. So now I am just embarrassed. more ››
February 1, 2013
The Globalization of Local Politics
Rick Salutin, Toronto Star
This is globalized contact in myriad forms, including online games, person-to-person, unmediated by authorities and news anchors. Guess what they find: outsiders are the global majority — by miles. Authoritative males are... more ››
January 30, 2013
Obama Dashes Canada's Energy Superpower Hopes
Carol Goar, The Star
The bottom line is clear: Canada needs the Keystone XL pipeline more than the U.S. does. more ››