February 8, 2013

Rand Paul's Seminal Speech

Robert Merry, The National Interest

AP Photo

Rand Paul’s foreign-policy speech before the conservative Heritage Foundation on Wednesday represents an event of perhaps seminal significance to the Republican Party—and the nation. The Kentucky Republican outlined a foreign-policy outlook—and perhaps the beginnings of an actual foreign policy—that would guide America along a middle path between the boundless national ambition of Republican Party neoconservatives and the isolationism of his father. He declared himself "a realist."

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February 3, 2013
A Win for Conventional Foreign Policy Thinking
Joshua Hersh, HuffPo
In the end, it was the performance of the senators on the panel -- inflexible and sometimes downright dogmatic -- that seemed to prove the cynics right. Searching for any variance on his positions on Israel, any nuance... more ››
February 2, 2013
Can a Realist Be a Republican?
Daniel McCarthy, American Conservative
To the extent that realists like Hagel and Colin Powell voted for or promoted many of the GOP’s foreign-policy mistakes I agree with Ross. They were and are part of the problem. But the solution I sometimes hear from... more ››
February 8, 2013
Why Paul Can't Go Bold on Iran
Daniel Larison, American Conservative
Robert Kagan knows very well why Sen. Paul doesn’t take a more unconventional line on Iran policy. We have seen it on display for the last seven weeks in the panic over Hagel’s nomination and we have seen it over the last six... more ››
February 8, 2013
Rand Paul's Very Conventional Foreign Policy
Robert Kagan, Wash Post
Despite presenting himself as a brave dissenter from the reigning orthodoxy, Paul and his attempt at an alternative sound remarkably conventional. more ››
January 28, 2013
Rand Paul's Israel Mistake
Daniel Larison, Eunomia
Israel has the most powerful military in the region, and it possesses its own nuclear deterrent. No state that would be deterred by such an announcement is going to launch an attack on Israel, because it is already deterred from... more ››