February 8, 2013

Rand Paul's Very Conventional Foreign Policy

Robert Kagan, Washington Post

AP Photo

Despite presenting himself as a brave dissenter from the reigning orthodoxy, Paul and his attempt at an alternative sound remarkably conventional.

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January 28, 2013
Rand Paul's Israel Mistake
Daniel Larison, Eunomia
Israel has the most powerful military in the region, and it possesses its own nuclear deterrent. No state that would be deterred by such an announcement is going to launch an attack on Israel, because it is already deterred from... more ››
January 29, 2013
Is Obama Out of Step with U.S. on Foreign Policy?
Bruce Stokes, CNN
U.S. President Barack Obama's second inaugural address is now history. It has been labeled "progressive," "partisan," "one of the best ever" and "pedestrian." Whatever the positive or negative take on its content, the speech was... more ››