February 12, 2013

Greece Is Facing a Humanitarian Crisis

Alex Politaki, The Guardian

AP Photo

The EU's own poverty standards show that Greece is in crisis. But member states won't admit their 'bailout' was to blame.

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February 6, 2013
Is Greece Still a Democracy?
Yiannis Baboulias, New Statesman
The abuse suffered by four young anarchists, arrested for a bank robbery, at the hands of the police proves it's time to call Greece's coalition government what it is -- a far-right authoritarian group. more ››
February 2, 2013
Greek Fascists Infiltrating Schools
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Evdoxia, also 16, wants to be a lawyer. She wears pink glasses and her manicured little finger sports a golden ring with a sparkly heart. Her nails and clothes are black – the favourite colour of many adolescents, but also... more ››
February 1, 2013
Why the Poles Are Moving to Britain
Sarah Rainey, Daily Telegraph
A Polish friend, who grew up in south London, laments that the recent wave of Polish migrants to Britain has played havoc with his morning commute. Not, he says, because of the sheer numbers of Poles now using public transport,... more ››
February 5, 2013
Spain's Well-Educated Move Back to Madre
Helene Zuber, Der Spiegel
As the euro crisis deepens in Spain, it is affecting a demographic that would seem relatively insulated: well-educated young people. Self-employed and lacking sufficient income, many are forced to move back in with their parents. more ››