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Hatred Goes Mainstream in Europe - Benjamin Ward, openDemocracy
Lib Dems: The Lunatic Party Has a Meltdown - Peter Oborne, Telegraph
The Strange Politics of U.S.-EU Free Trade - Danzman & Winecoff, TNI
Germany's Great Church Sell-Off - Matthias Schulz, Der Spiegel
Why the Pentagon Hates Obama's Drone War - Micah Zenko, FP
How the 1980s Explain Vladimir Putin - Hill & Gaddy, The Atlantic
How Tight Are Iran and North Korea? - Mark Fitzpatrick, The National
Chinese Hacker's Identity Unmasked - Lawrence & Riley, Bloomberg Bizwk
Will World Notice the Self-Immolating Tibetans? - Ishaan Tharoor, Time
The Hidden Global Trade in Water - Jenny Kehl, Yale Global

RealClearWorld Morning Edition

The Decline of America - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Why Iran Already Has the Bomb - Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine
On Iran, Time Still on America's Side - Ray Takeyh, Los Angeles Times
China-North Korea Alliance Won't Last - Keith Richburg, The New Republic
Iran Is Falling into Russia's Arms - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Iran Thinks Obama Is Weak - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
What Lincoln Can Teach Cameron - Nicholas Wapshott, New Statesman
Did China Just Open the Floodgates of Dissent? - Gordon Chang, WAJ
We're Over Analyzing N. Korea - Lind, Lieber & Press, Foreign Affairs
Secularism Still Thrives in Turkey - David Adams, Irish Times
Obama May Force Peace on Israel - Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard
Greece Torturing the Anarchist Generation - Matthaios Tsimitakis, Vice
The Danish Historian Islamists Want Dead - Douglas Murray, Spectator
What Japan Could've Done to Win WWII - James Holmes, The Diplomat
Inside the African Land Grab - David Ralph, The Dublin Review

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North Korea's Lesson for Iran - Jerusalem Post
A Problem Only China Can Solve - Boston Globe
How to Subvert the North Korean Regime - Christian Science Monitor
Please Don't Start a Currency War - New York Times

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