February 14, 2013

Germany's Great Church Sell-Off

Matthias Schulz, Der Spiegel

AP Photo

Dwindling church attendance and dire financial straits are forcing the Catholic and Protestant Churches in Germany to sell off church buildings en masse. Some are demolished, while others are turned into restaurants or indoor mountain climbing centers.

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February 12, 2013
Benedict Polarized More than Unified
Peter Wensierski, Der Spiegel
Germany celebrated when Joseph Ratzinger was chosen pope in 2005. Eight years later, however, many are glad to see him go. He was a deeply polarizing figure in his native country and blocked the Catholic Church from launching a... more ››
February 13, 2013
Why Europe Resisted the Pope's Preaching
Philip Jenkins, New Republic
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February 12, 2013
Pope Benedict XVI Wasn't Afraid to Say Sorry
Peter Stanford, Telegraph
When Joseph Ratzinger was chosen by his fellow cardinals to be pope in April 2005, he was universally billed as the continuity candidate. He had spent 25 years doing John Paul II’s bidding in charge of the old Holy Office, and... more ››
February 10, 2013
As Germany Goes, So Goes Europe
Mats Persson, Daily Telegraph
Angela Merkel thrives on her role as a broker, constantly playing different alternatives against each other depending on the issue at hand. This time Merkel tended towards the Northern bloc, in large part because she agreed with... more ››