February 15, 2013

In Defense of Obama's Drone War

Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

AP Photo

The national vexation over the morality and legality of President Obama's drone war has produced a salutary but hopelessly confused debate. Three categories of questions are being asked. They must be separated to be clearly understood.

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February 10, 2013
The Other Drone Question
Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Its principal argument was that Al Qaeda is at war with the U.S., which makes any active member of Al Qaeda — U.S. citizen or not — an enemy combatant, liable to attack at any time. Conservative critics sometimes... more ››
February 8, 2013
Drones Better than Boots on the Ground
Con Coughlin, The Telegraph
The human rights lobby wants to limit the use of drones, but they are effective and preferable to sending our troops to fight. more ››
February 7, 2013
Obama Promised Peace, But Delivered More War
Micah Zenko, FP
During his second inaugural address, President Obama offered two aspirational statements that struck many observers as incongruous with administration policies: "A decade of war is now ending" and "We, the people, still believe... more ››
The U.S. must also reckon with the inevitability of rival powers and nonstate actors developing their own drones. Given its global head start and leverage on the issue, the U.S. has an interest in leading an effort to codify the... more ››