February 17, 2013

In Egypt, the Kids Are Not All Right

David Ignatius, Washington Post

AP Photo

What are these hooligans telling us about the future -- not just in Egypt but also in other nations where authoritarian leaders have lost their power to repress dissent by angry young men? The teenage marauders seem to have lost respect for the world of their fathers -- and for the forces of social control that were woven through traditional societies such as Egypt.

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February 10, 2013
Preventing an Unholy Iran-Egypt Alliance
The Australian
Talk of a new strategic axis between Iran and Egypt may be premature, but the significance of the red-carpet reception accorded President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Cairo cannot be overstated. It is the first visit by an Iranian... more ››
February 9, 2013
Morsi's Hamas Connection
Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt have spent much of the last year attempting to argue that the Islamist movement is not the extremist group its critics make it out to be. They claim it is not only... more ››
February 8, 2013
Egypt's Corruption Problem
Sahar Aziz & Derek Clinger, CNN
Upon taking office, President Mohamed Morsy vowed to eliminate corruption in Egypt. Indeed, corruption was among the first issues he identified as posing the most serious challenge to the Egyptian economy. Yet despite his ... more ››
February 8, 2013
The Uneasy Egypt-Iran Courtship
Alan Philps, The National
There is a consensus among commentators that the visit of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Egypt - complete with red carpet and kiss on both cheeks from President Mohammed Morsi - does not amount to a ... more ››
February 11, 2013
Egypt's Christian Winter
Brian Stiller, National Post
Sectarian domination was not what Egyptian protesters and self-described revolutionaries had in mind when they drove President Hosni Mubarak from office during Egypt’s Arab Spring in 2011. But to underestimate religious... more ››