February 18, 2013

Market Forces Took Horse Meat from Farm to Fork

Der Spiegel, Der Spiegel

AP Photo

The current affair in Europe that has seen unlabeled horsemeat appear in store-bought frozen lasagne shows just how widely the demand for insanely cheap prices and murky supply channels have opened the door for fraud.

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February 10, 2013
As Germany Goes, So Goes Europe
Mats Persson, Daily Telegraph
Angela Merkel thrives on her role as a broker, constantly playing different alternatives against each other depending on the issue at hand. This time Merkel tended towards the Northern bloc, in large part because she agreed with... more ››
February 7, 2013
Blaming Terrorists for Terrorism
Lee Smith, The Weekly Standard
Yesterday the Bulgarian government announced the results of its investigation into the July 18, 2012 bus bombing that killed 5 Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver in the city of Burgas. At least two members of what... more ››
February 15, 2013
Economic Reality Confronts Francois Hollande
The Economist
THE longer François Hollande spends in office, the more it takes sharp eyesight and a clear head to follow his economic policy. Since his election last May, the Socialist president has mixed tax-and-spend measures with... more ››
On Tuesday the Bulgarian government confirmed what most of the world has known for months: The bombing of a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the Black Sea resort of Burgas last July 18 was carried out by members of... more ››
February 9, 2013
EU Approach to Asia Makes No Sense
Paul Gillespie, Irish Times
Irish and European introspection in dealing with austerity and the euro crisis tends to prevent a proper appreciation of developments elsewhere in the world, particularly in Asia, that could enable or jeopardise economic... more ››