February 18, 2013

The Real Apartheid-Israel Comparison

Shmuley Boteach, Times of Israel

AP Photo

I love South Africa and the South African people. They are among the friendliest and most forgiving on earth, which is why the growing animosity toward Israel is unfortunate coming from a country that has rightly earned the admiration of the world as a superlative laboratory of racial harmony. Many black South Africans draw parallels between their past struggle for freedom and the Palestinian’s war against Israel. In the mainstream South African media,Israelis depicted as a colonialist, apartheid state. Some of the worst offenders are Jewish journalists whose curious vitriol against the Jewish state long ago crossed a line. A stunning case in point is Jonathan Shapiro, aka Zapiro, the cartoonist for the Cape Times. Among his most memorable caricatures is one of Ariel Sharon as a Nazi...

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