RealClearWorld Evening Edition

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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

France: Leader of the Free World - Philip Delves Broughton, Newsweek
Iran Grooming an Iraqi Hezbollah - Liz Sly, Washington Post
Hellfire, Morality & Strategy in Drone Wars - George Friedman, Stratfor
David Cameron's Bad Date in Delhi - Jayati Ghosh, The Guardian
Vatican Losing Battle with Modernity - Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times
Libya Is Barely a State -- and That's OK - Faisal al Yafai, The National
Inside the Chinese Cyber War on U.S. - Sanger, Barboza & Perlroth, NYT
Don't Appease Expansionist China - Bruce Jacobs, The Australian
U.S. Still Paying for Bush's Clueless War on Hamas - John Judis, TNR
Gerard Depardieu and France Part Ways - Lauren Collins, New Yorker
Putin Personality Disorder - Fiona Hill & Clifford Gaddy, Foreign Policy
Is Putin as Reckless as North Korea? - Alexander Golts, Moscow Times
The Sad State of Malaysia - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald
What Can Ferdowsi Teach Iranians? - Peter Kohanloo, The Commentator
Why the Left Hates Margaret Thatcher - Cristina Odone, Daily Telegraph

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Striving for Dialogue in Syria - The Hindu
Build the Keystone Pipeline - USA Today
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