February 19, 2013

The Coming Water Wars

Clark Judge, US News & World Report

AP Photo

I have taped two world maps to my office wall. Dated 2011 and 2012, they highlight the areas of armed conflict at the beginning of those years. Published annually by the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, each marks in bright red regions where frequent and organized fighting is in process. Various lighter shades indicate lesser levels of clashing. If you look carefully on the 2011 edition, here and there you will also see drawings of water drops. These indicate areas where clashes have or could soon occur over access to water.

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February 14, 2013
The Hidden Global Trade in Water
Jenny Kehl, Yale Global
In all the anguished discussion about the planet's water shortages, one often does not hear of the water traveling across oceans, locked in sacks and cartons of food. Food exports hide the significant global trade in water, which... more ››