February 19, 2013

Vatican Losing Battle with Modernity

Gwynne Dyer, Japan Times

AP Photo

It is the Roman Catholic Church, not the Republican Catholic Church or the People's Revolutionary Socialist Democratic Catholic Church. Its rigid hierarchy and its centralizing instincts are almost entirely due to the fact that it became the state religion of the Roman Empire over 1,600 hundred years ago. And the pope is still, in essence, the emperor.

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February 11, 2013
Pope Benedict XVI: Good Man, Bad Pope
Greg Sheridan, The Australian
He was a fine theologian and a gifted teacher but a truly terrible administrator, with little sense of how to marshal the vast but disparate resources which the papacy commands. more ››
February 17, 2013
A Democratic Reconstruction of Catholic Church
Rob Fulford, Natl Post
Catholics of many descriptions, and non-Catholics concerned about the Church’s influence, will be hoping next month that the cardinals elect a pope committed to changing the Church. Whatever their desires, however, they’ll... more ››
Pope Benedict will leave behind a church facing the same debilitating problems that loomed after the death of Pope John Paul II — above all, how to remain relevant to an increasingly secular world and to its own changing... more ››
February 16, 2013
Behind the Pope's Facade
David Berger, The European
Pope Benedict's resignation allows for a look behind the façade of the Catholic Church. For too long, the Vatican has covered up its dark underbelly with embellished liturgical practices. more ››