February 20, 2013

China Blames U.S. for North Korea

Gordon Chang, Around Asia

AP Photo

China has an idea of why North Korea is testing nukes. It's wrong.

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February 12, 2013
China, 2 Koreas Perform Intricate Dance
Jon Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun
Beijing is clearly irritated with the antics of Kim Jong-un, but probably not enough for China to revise its national interests and bring the young monarch of Pyongyang to heel. Beijing likes the current setup of a divided Korea... more ››
February 19, 2013
China Must Put a Leash on North Korea's Kim
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Xi should end China’s unconditional support for North Korea's tantrums and the shameful way it treats its 24 million people. China’s claims that it can't rein in Pyongyang’s officials lack credibility. There is nothing to... more ››
February 15, 2013
On North Korea, It's All Up to Xi Jingping
JoongAng Daily
China, which accounts for 80 percent of Pyongyang's foreign trade, holds the key to determining the level of pain in the punishment. Without Beijing’s help, sanctions will prove ineffective given the porous borderline of... more ››
February 14, 2013
China-North Korea Alliance Won't Last
Keith Richburg, The New Republic
Even close friends and allies can sometimes prove troublesome for their big power patrons. President Obama discovered that in his first term dealings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lectured the U.S.... more ››
February 13, 2013
Challenge China on North Korea
Doug Bandow, Forbes
North Korea has conducted its third nuclear test. Its action was the equivalent of an upraised finger to virtually every other nation. But it was aimed most directly and clearly at China , Pyongyang’s nominal ally. The United... more ››