February 23, 2013

India Must Put British Crimes Behind It

Times of India, Times of India

AP Photo

One sure way to demonstrate that we have come to terms with the malevolent bits of British colonial rule in India and moved on is to graciously accept Prime Minister David Cameron`s reference to the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre as a "deeply shameful event". To argue that his remarks in the visitors` book at the memorial of the victims fell short of a full apology is little more than a quibble. Their significance was aptly noted by Sukumar Mukherji, the caretaker of the memorial, when he observed that a `94-year-old wait has ended` with the prime minister`s `moving gesture`. To attribute motives to him — such as a bid to curry favour with Sikh voters back home — is neither here nor there. Those voters have other fish to fry.

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