February 24, 2013

Democracy at Risk - from the West

Trudy Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer

AP Photo

America's deep democratic roots and strong civic organizations remain a bulwark. Yet relentless right-wing efforts to demonize government undermine our democratic institutions. Washington's meltdown convinces the world that our democracy can no longer deliver. And when the world's paramount democracy can't function, why would developing countries want to follow our lead?

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February 18, 2013
About Those CIA Black Sites
New York Times
The details of American antiterrorism policies, put in place after 9/11, are still largely hidden, but more pieces of this sordid history are dribbling out. more ››
February 18, 2013
Why Russian Patriots Love U.S. Real Estate
Vic Davidoff, Moscow Times
Imagine a newspaper exposé about several members of the U.S. Congress who didn't declare on their tax forms luxury villas on the Iranian Persian Gulf coast. This would be a scandal of Watergate proportions and most likely... more ››
February 18, 2013
Southern Europe Puts Brakes on EU-U.S. Deal
Gregor Schmitz, Der Spiegel
Germany wants the planned free-trade pact between the US and EU to be as broad as possible, but France and other Southern European nations want a number of issues affecting their farming industries to be excluded from the talks.... more ››
February 19, 2013
Build the Keystone Pipeline
USA Today
The goal of locking down tar-sands oil and stopping other forms of fossil fuel production such as fracking — as many protesters demanded in Sunday's demonstration — would be more compelling if the U.S. were ready to shift to... more ››
February 20, 2013
Marco Rubio Needs a Real World Foreign Policy
Aaron David Miller, FP
Marco Rubio is a very smart guy with a potentially bright political future. But he can't write an article like this and expect to be taken seriously, unless his only objective is to shore up a Republican base and not expand it.... more ››