March 3, 2013

Why World Leaders Can't Get Anything Done

Moises Naim, Washington Post

AP Photo

Size no longer means strength. Bureaucracy no longer means control. And titles no longer mean authority. And if the future of power lies in disruption and interference, not management and consolidation, can we expect to ever know stability again?

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February 26, 2013
Feckless U.S. Congress MIA Abroad
Jim Webb, The National Interest
Despite more than ten years of ongoing combat operations, and despite the frequent congressional trips to places such as Iraq and Afghanistan (usually on highly structured visits lasting only a few hours, or at the most a day or... more ››
February 20, 2013
Marco Rubio Needs a Real World Foreign Policy
Aaron David Miller, FP
Marco Rubio is a very smart guy with a potentially bright political future. But he can't write an article like this and expect to be taken seriously, unless his only objective is to shore up a Republican base and not expand it.... more ››
February 24, 2013
The American Foreign Policy Poem
Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
To show the students what contemporary expository writing in heroic couplets might look like, and to polish up my old skills, I began to write a poem about American foreign policy and grand strategy. I’d forgotten how much... more ››
February 20, 2013
The Arrogance of Universal Democracy
Leon Hadar, National Interest
Similar expectations in Washington and among Western politicians and intellectuals—that the so-called Arab Spring would end up looking like a rerun of the 1989 political spring in central and eastern Europe and usher in an era... more ››