RealClearWorld Evening Edition

Better U.S. Policy Could Have Prevented 9/11 - Pervez Musharraf, FP
Rand Paul Was Right to Filibuster John Brennan - Jacob Heilbrunn, TNI
Will Vatican Press Corps Choose the Next Pope? - Jason Horowitz, WaPo
The Sahel: Latest Front in a Long War - C. Crocker & E. Laipson, NYT
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How to Beat OPEC - Clifford May, National Review
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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Where's the World's Policeman? - Hugh Cortazzi, Japan Times
End of the Chavez-Ahmadinejad Affair - Ely Karmon, Haaretz
Time to Recognize Merkel's Greatness - Bill Jamieson, The Scotsman
Russia's Cult of Stalin Is Thriving - Uwe Klussmann, Der Spiegel
Egypt Is Sliding Toward Ruin - David Ignatius, Washington Post
U.S. and Europe: Separated at Birth? - Peter Baldwin, American Interest
World Has More Energy Than Ever - Vince Beiser, Pacific Standard
Russia's Superpower Delusions - Alexander Golts, Moscow Times
The Green Agenda in Meltdown - Peter Glover, The Commentator
The Global Economy's Dirty Secret - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Why Won't Obama Defend Japan? - Ross Terrill, The Weekly Standard
Pistorius Case Takes Racial Turn - Khaya Dlanga, Mail and Guardian
Predatory Culture Hampers Nigeria - Kaplan & Schroeder, Stratfor
Time to End the Arab Boycott of Israel - Ed Husain, New York Times
Real Downton Abbeys Are Struggling - Robert Hardman, Spectator

RealClearWorld Editorials

Obama Already Going Soft on Venezuela's New Thug - Washington Post
Hugo Chavez: An Unfinished Revolution - The Guardian
Time for a Game Changer Against North Korea - Korea Times
UK Politicians Come to Their Senses on Immigration - Daily Mail

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Chinese Are Selling Weapons to Terrorists - Gordon Chang, Around Asia
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