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RealClearWorld Morning Edition

Why We Give Foreign Aid - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Obama in Israel: The Start of a New Era? - Ami Ayalon, Los Angeles Times
A Blank Check for Israel? Bad Idea - Matthew Duss, The American Prospect
Iran's North Korean Example - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary Magazine
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Gun Rights & U.S. Exceptionalism - Elkins, Ginsburg & Melton, Bloomberg
Promise and Peril of India's Youth Bulge - Danielle Rajendram, Diplomat
So Much for Canada's Conservative Era - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail
Good News! They Hate Me in Russia - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Japan's Home-Grown National Security Obsession - Amy Catalinac, EAF
'Little Europeans' Must Leave S. Africa - Brad Cibane, Mail & Guardian
Time to Get Tough on Burma - Eric Randolph, Foreign Affairs

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Syrian Rebels' Own Goal - The Daily Star
Rand Paul a Distraction from the Real Drones Debate - Washington Post
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Toronto Is Bigger and Better than Chicago - Toronto Star

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