March 8, 2013

A Blank Check for Israel? Bad Idea

Matthew Duss, The American Prospect

AP Photo

On the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War, some in Congress are itching for another ill-advised conflict.

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March 1, 2013
Has Obama Lost Interest in Israel?
Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
Obama may be going to Israel, but he clearly has de-emphasized Israel-Palestine. He's probably going because he wants to delay Israeli military action on Iran, enlist Jerusalem's help on Syria -- and end Republican carping. more ››
March 8, 2013
Obama in Israel: The Start of a New Era?
Ami Ayalon, Los Angeles Times
The key to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies in a clear process that will lead to an agreement on two states for two peoples. more ››
February 27, 2013
Is Obama About to Flip on Arming Syria Rebels?
Walter Russell Mead, TAI
You don't need to embrace Richard Nixon’s madman theory and try to make other countries so afraid of you that they give in because you might do something crazy. You don’t need to do a George W. Bush and invade a country... more ››
March 3, 2013
So Much for the All-Powerful 'Israel Lobby'
Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine
Despite an operating budget of more than $60 million, on the most crucial issue facing Israel’s security, AIPAC has lost the policy debate. The winners include those who believe you can’t stop a nation from getting... more ››
February 24, 2013
Palestinians in America's Back Seat
James Zogby, The National
Previous maiden voyages to the region by presidents and their top emissaries have focused on Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. I hope that I will be proven wrong, but I do not believe that we will see any serious new US effort on... more ››