March 9, 2013

Seal the Deal with Iran

Ray Takeyh, New York Times

AP Photo

IN the aftermath of the summit meeting in Kazakhstan between Iran and the great powers, there is an unusual sense of optimism in the relevant capitals.

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March 2, 2013
Debunking Iran's Religious Myths
The Economist
“SLEEP easily, Cyrus, for we are awake,” assured Iran’s last shah, Muhammad-Reza Pahlavi, speaking at the tomb of his imperial ancestor in 1971. This staged event helped forge the myth that the Pahlavis were an... more ››
March 3, 2013
So Much for the All-Powerful 'Israel Lobby'
Lee Smith, Tablet Magazine
Despite an operating budget of more than $60 million, on the most crucial issue facing Israel’s security, AIPAC has lost the policy debate. The winners include those who believe you can’t stop a nation from getting... more ››
March 4, 2013
Iran's Dangerous Duplicity
The Australian
The first meeting in nine months between Tehran's representatives and major world powers seeking a solution to the crisis over the country's nuclear ambitions has produced relative optimism. It has been overshadowed, however, by... more ››
March 2, 2013
How Iran Went Nuclear
David Feith, Wall Street Journal
It has been more than three years since President Obama revealed the existence of the secret Iranian nuclear facility at Fordo—a uranium-enrichment plant buried deep inside a mountain and surrounded by missile silos and... more ››
March 2, 2013
Egypt Becoming the Next Iran
Nesreen Akhtarkhavari , CS Monitor
The U.S. would be well to take note of Egypt's troubling trajectory. more ››